Since 1987, Kwakiutl anthropological study association has been committed to the interests of students of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Since then, the study association has become more and more extensive, more professional and more active. Through an extensive program of both social and study-depth activities, ASV Kwakiutl makes it possible for students to get more out of their study time, to commit themselves more to the study, and to encourage critical thinking outside the curriculum.



Here you will find information about the board, the committees, the general members meeting and the advisory board.


Marijn Groeneveldt

Coördinator of social activities

Moena Geddi

Coördinator  of Studies

Veronique Bon


Marijn Broek


Iris van Dockum





Chair: Moena Geddi


 In April, Kwakiutl is organizing a hitchhiking competition! In teams of 2, the members leave for a city in Europe, where they will spend the weekend. The committee consists of 5 members, who jointly select a destination, come up with games for the road and put together a program.


The participants won't be told where to hitchhike until the morning of departure (otherwise they could cheat), so it's very important that you can keep a secret! ​ We will start meeting in January and meet approximately every two weeks. The last month it will become weekly.


For more information you can send an email to studie@kwakiutl.nl or send an app to: 06-42160610. Here you will find information about the board, the committees, the general meeting of members and the advisory board.


Chair: Marijn Groeneveldt ​


Do you like parties and drinks? Sign up for the party committee and help organize the weekly drinks, theme drinks and parties such as the year-end party and the gala?


We will brainstorm new locations, themes, organizations to work with and activities for the events; all new ideas are welcome!


Interested? Mail the coordinator social:coordinator-sociaal@kwakiutl.nl


Chair: Marijn Groeneveldt


Of course we don't just have parties in the social field! Kwakiutl organizes many more activities every year.


Do you want to be part of organizing, planning and coming up with the best activities this year? Think of a clothes swap, Christmas dinner, Sinterklaas lunch, charity event or sporting events!


Interested? Mail the Social Coordinator:coordinator-sociaal@k


Chair:  Moenna Geddi


 ​ This committee will be all about films and documentaries. I have noticed that besides me a lot of anthropology students are interested in films. In addition, it is closely linked to our study. In the curriculum, reference is often made to a documentary or certain film material is looked at in class. You can also choose visual anthropology as a minor or even as a master. This alone is reason enough to get together, make some popcorn and watch a movie. If you want to be part of this committee you will organize a number of movie nights this year and also a film festival! Because this committee is new, you have a lot of space here to express your creativity.


So do you feel like being a pioneer and making these Kwakiutl's best events? Or do you just feel like relaxing and discussing with some fellow movie nerds? Send an email to coordinator-studie@kwakiutl.nl or send an app to: 06-42160610!


Chair: Moena Geddi


Studying anthropology is super educational, interesting and entertaining, but all that reading can sometimes become too much for you. As curious anthropologists-to-be, we love learning new things! That is why we, the Lecture, TOP committee, organize events that are educational but also take the hard-working students out of their rut. Is there a particular topic that is not (or not enough) covered in the curriculum that you would like to know more about? Would you like to meet every other week to organize lectures with other study associations (The Other Perspective)? Or if you have other questions, send an email to coordinator-studie@kwakiutl.nl or send an app to: 06-42160610!


Chair: Moena Geddi


​ Every year Kwakiutl organizes the Namgis congress! With this committee we will meet weekly to organize a great congress in April. As a committee member you learn to set up an event from start to finish, you learn to network and shape your creative ideas into a real concept. In consultation with the committee you can give this event your own twist. Due to different positions within the committee, there is a task for everyone that suits him/her/them.


Would you like to get together every week with a nice group of people to have a bite to eat, organize a great conference, or do you have some questions about the committee? Send an email to coordinator-studie@kwakiutl.nl or send an app to: 06-42160610! ​ ​


Chair: Marijn Beertje Broek

The travel committee is responsible for the 10-day study trip in May. The committee consists of the chairperson and 6 or 7 members, who meet weekly (and sometimes even twice a week) throughout the year. After we have chosen a location together, we will book tickets, apply for subsidies, make contact with a university and NGOs, find hostels and plan other activities.


Every member who signs up must first go on a job interview. A big advantage as a member of the travel committee is that you can join the trip anyway and you don't have to draw lots for a place!


If you want to know more, send an email to coordinator-reizen@kwakiutl.nl or send an app to: 06-42265190.


Chair: Marijn Beertje Broek


This year the acquisition committee will start recruiting companies for sponsorship. In addition, there is room to choose to enter into discussions with NGOs, with companies and to hold debates about anthropologically related issues. ​ In general, there is a lot of room for individual interpretation in this committee because this committee is completely new! ​


For more information you can email to: penningmeester@kwakiutl.nl or send an app to: 06-42265190.


Chair: Veronique Bon


The Hunsel committee is a more lay back committee that organizes one event per year. During the Hunsel weekend we travel to a small village in Limburg where members have a lot of fun and get to know each other better while enjoying a few beers.

For more information you can email to: voorzitter@kwakiutl.nl or send an app to: 06-34153275.

General Members Meeting


A General Members' Meeting (GMM) is a meeting at which the candidate board, the annual budget and the policy plan are approved at the beginning of the year. During the six-month GMM, the board updates its members on how the first six months went and the Application Committee is also introduced. The board can also organize interim GMMs to allow decisions to be approved or to allow members to contribute ideas about certain ideas. It is important that members come to the GMM to agree on the above matters and have their say about Kwakiutl's policies and events.


Members are expected to look very critically at the documents of the board during a GMM. It is clear that your vote as a member of Kwakiutl counts in the decisions of our study association!


Advisory Council

Introducing: 'The Advisory Council' (RvA)


​ The Advisory Council tries to contribute to the functioning of the board of Kwakiutl with solicited and unsolicited advice. The council is made up of (active) members and former board members of Kwakiutl with a heart for the association who will guard the Kwakiutl culture. This year the RVA also includes a former board member of a comparable study association who will look at problems within the association from a different perspective. The RvA holds individual (performance) interviews with the members of the board, sporadically watch board meetings and read through all GMM documents and then present an advice at the GMM. In addition, we would like to emphasize that the RvA is open to the opinion of the members and you can always contact us with questions or other comments. We are really looking forward to it and hope to see you at the various events next year! We can be reached via rva.kwakiutl@gmail.com