Since 1987, Kwakiutl anthropological study association has been committed to the interests of students of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Since then, the study association has become more and more extensive, more professional and more active. Through an extensive program of both social and study-depth activities, ASV Kwakiutl makes it possible for students to get more out of their study time, to commit themselves more to the study, and to encourage critical thinking outside the curriculum.



Here you will find information about the board, the committees, the general members meeting and the advisory board.


Nhayima Chuula

Coördinator of social activities

Derin Erk

Coördinator  of Studies

Janna Aspidov


Tindra Sipos


Lucy Chauche





Chair: Janna Aspidov

 In this committee I want to welcome passionate students with the strive to make social changes happen in our communities. Together I want to work on embracing our diverse and international members as well as starting to decolonise our study association. This includes changing its name.


Interested? Contact the chair at: voorzitter@kwakiutl.nl.

or text +49 177 7050137


Chair: Nhayima Chuula


If partying and going out is your thing, join the party committee. As the title states, in this family we will organize parties, galas and bigger events. This is a big task and we may collaborate with other associations, if this catches your attention, don’t be shy, join us!  Every Thursday Kwakiutl organizes a Borrel for you. Want to have a say in this? To make sure you have the best borrel every week, join the borrel committee! Here we get together to find the best, most fun borrel locations, themes and events.


Interested? Mail the Social Coordinator: coordinator-sociaal@kwakiutl.nl

or text +31 618032151


Chair: Nhayima Chuula


Did you have any fantasies on which events you would attend at university? Share your thoughts! If you’re a very social person, but planning parties and borrels isn’t your thing, join us in the social committee! Let’s make this the best year yet in terms of social events from clothes swaps to sports events. 


Interested? Mail the Social Coordinator: coordinator-sociaal@kwakiutl.nl

or text +31 618032151


Chair:  Tindra Sipos


This committee puts all its focus on movies and documentaries. The interest in films has been a big thing around anthropology students and we want to take advantage of this. By joining this committee, you will help organize a number of movie nights throughout the year, ending it with a big film festival! The possibility for collaborations is also possible, making movie-themed quizzes - the opportunities can seem endless. Since the committee is a fairly new started one, there are no decided guidelines nor blueprints of how to organize all events so you can use your creativity to its fullest! 

If this seems like your call in life, your way to expand your movie knowledge, organize fun events and geek out with fellow movie-lovers.


Do not hesitate to send an email to penningmeester@kwakiutl.nl or send a message to +46722451267.

TED on T.O.P.

Chair: Derin Erk


The T.O.P (The Other Perspective) is the collaborative lecture event organised by Kwakiutl and another study organisation, usually from the FMG. It involves getting speakers from anthropology and another discipline to talk about one topic and give their disciplinary perspective on it. Due to the closer ties Kwakiutl has with SEC, the event was organised with them in the past. This year, the Study Coordinator is continuing the collaboration with SEC, and expanding it to other faculties. The theme will be up to the committee members to decide, but it has to be a topic that can be explored through multiple disciplinary perspectives.

The TED events will be the adaptation of TEDX talks to UvA anthropology. The students of the anthropology department will have the space to talk about something they are passionate about, have experienced, or projects they have worked on in the past. The aim of this is to listen to students’ stories and break the over-focus on lecturers or speakers. 

If you are interested in this committee or have any questions, reach out to me through coordinator-studie@kwakiutl.nl or text to +310634333164.


Chair: Derin Erk


This committee is in charge of organising the yearly Namgis conference. This involves organising a day or half a day of lectures from different lecturers on a certain topic. Namgis is an anthropological convention aimed at familiarising anthropology students with content and research environment anthropology offers. This event is a good opportunity to engage more with the field of anthropology as it is larger in scale than the T.O.P and lecture events. The conference is a very big event that needs a lot of planning and organising, so if you are good at organisation and like creating such events, you should consider joining this committee!

Last year’s conference was organised as an online event due to the corona measures, but we hope to hold this year’s conference face-to-face. Because the event will be a big one, there is a lot to be done, such as finding speakers, sponsors, arranging logistics and catering, but I assure you that the end result will be very satisfying.

Those interested in this committee can get in touch with me via +310634333164 or coordinator-studie@kwakiutl.nl


Chair: Derin Erk

This committee will be a new addition to the Study Coordinator’s committees. It will combine The Career Committee and the ‘study together’ events into one committee. The career events’ aims are to encourage students to explore different career opportunities. The committee will organise excursions to workplaces of former anthropology students to give a glimpse of the career and job doors that an anthropology degree opens.


The study events are aimed especially to 1st year students who might feel overwhelmed by the exams and assignments expected of them. It will be there to guide them on how to answer questions, how to study, how to write essays and it will have proof-reading opportunities by 2nd, 3rd and master’s students of anthropology. It will give the 1st years space to express stress over the academic load of the 1st year, and to help them relieve it.

If either of these interest you, don't hesitate to email coordinator-studie@kwakiutl.nl or text to +310634333164.


Chair: Tindra Sipos


With this committee you will together with others recruit companies to sponsor our lovely study association of Kwakiutl. There are also possibilities for discussions with NGOs collaborations and building events together. All is up to this committee, this committee is fairly new, which means a lot of room for interpretation and the ways of  execution is totally up to the committee!

Does this sound like something interesting? Do you want to help Kwakiutl grow and expand with external contacts? This is the committee for you.


If you have any questions or want to join, send an email to: penningmeester@gmail.com or send a message to: +46722451267.


Chair: Lucy Chauche

Do you love traveling and want to help organize multiple trips?! Then you can join the Kwakiutl travel committee! Together we will organize and guide the association's trips abroad and make some good memories along the way.

Four trips are in order this year:

1. City trip: Discover another city for a weekend with us!

2. The Hunsel: a weekend away somewhere in The Netherlands to hang out all together. Where life long bonds will be formed.

3. Mystery trip: another smaller trip that will be revealed later!

4. Study trip in May: a 10 day trip to another country with an anthropological purpose. The perfect opportunity to travel to a country you have not been to before and explore different cultures. A great way to finish the year!

Don't hesitate to email coordinator-reizen@kwakiutl.nl for more info.


Chair: Nhayima Chuula

As anthropologists, I’m sure this will catch your eye ;) Have any global issues you are truly passionate about? Share your thoughts. We have decided to create a fundraising committee to put emphasis on making as many charity events we can. In this club, we will organize events from bake sales to volunteer work. As we know, there are a lot of countries in the world which are suffering, join the committee, learn more about these issues and help us find the most fun ways to raise money to help out!


Interested? Mail the Social Coordinator: coordinator-sociaal@kwakiutl.nl

or text +31 618032151


Chair: Nhayima Chuula

Are you interested in mental health and want to keep the department’s positivity alive? Join the mental health committee! This is a new committee which aims to bring light on mental health issues and ensures you guys have a balanced year. In this committee we will also be organizing social events but for a different purpose such as stress workshops, yoga events, mindfulness workshops, exercise events, meditation events etc…  We also create small things for our members such as mental health walls, having a mental health space and making sure students know who and where to go in case of bad times. Join us if you have any ideas and want to be a part of this club :) 

Interested? Mail the Social Coordinator: coordinator-sociaal@kwakiutl.nl

or text +31 618032151

General Members Meeting


A General Members' Meeting (GMM) is a meeting at which the candidate board, the annual budget and the policy plan are approved at the beginning of the year. During the six-month GMM, the board updates its members on how the first six months went and the Application Committee is also introduced. The board can also organize interim GMMs to allow decisions to be approved or to allow members to contribute ideas about certain ideas. It is important that members come to the GMM to agree on the above matters and have their say about Kwakiutl's policies and events.


Members are expected to look very critically at the documents of the board during a GMM. It is clear that your vote as a member of Kwakiutl counts in the decisions of our study association!


Advisory Council

Introducing: 'The Advisory Council' (RvA)


​ The Advisory Council tries to contribute to the functioning of the board of Kwakiutl with solicited and unsolicited advice. The council is made up of (active) members and former board members of Kwakiutl with a heart for the association who will guard the Kwakiutl culture. This year the RVA also includes a former board member of a comparable study association who will look at problems within the association from a different perspective. The RvA holds individual (performance) interviews with the members of the board, sporadically watch board meetings and read through all GMM documents and then present an advice at the GMM. In addition, we would like to emphasize that the RvA is open to the opinion of the members and you can always contact us with questions or other comments. We are really looking forward to it and hope to see you at the various events next year! We can be reached via rva.kwakiutl@gmail.com