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Volunteer with Here to Support in the Queer to Support Project

The organization Here to Support facilitates the Queer to Support project. In this project we support undocumented LGBTQIA+ refugees in their asylum case, in personal issues and medical issues, and by introducing people to queer-places and networks in Amsterdam.

The group consists of people that have been rejected for asylum and live in LVV (municipal) shelters in Amsterdam, people that live in AZC’s, and some people that stay in their own network. In the group, there are people that do not know how to find their way in the city. They need some support in reaching their appointments. Would you be interested in supporting people in this? Please reach out to us! From a volunteer we ask for someone who: - Speaks English (Dutch, French also great!) - Can find their way in Amsterdam - Has free time on weekdays - Would like to support someone in going to their appointments! Please reach out to Fanny:

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