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Valentinesday event

Februari; the month of love.

This month we have a very very special event planned for you. Especially for the sake of love; for your crush, friend, brother, sister, neighbor, the one next to you on your zoom-screen or you significant other, we will play the role of Doctor Love this month! Join our event and invite your love for our special Walk of Love!

Send us an email with a poem for your loved one inviting them for our special Walk of Love. Make sure the poem exists of a secret hint at who you are so your loved one receiving the card can guess your identity. We then will make sure to turn all of your poems into wonderful and cute cards and to send them to your loved ones.

On the 14th, your loved ones have until 12:00 to guess who sent the letter. After noon we will reveal the cupid’s (you!) to them so you can go on the special Walk of Love we prepared for you.

To participate: send your poem to:

Before the 9th of Februari

Don’t forget to include the adress of your loved one, and your own full name.

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