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We have a half year left with amazing events just for you! Do you want to be in the know with everything that we are organising? We have created a WhatsApp group where we will post our events on a weekly basis for a organised overview. Don’t worry about an other spam group that fills your WhatsApp with memes that are just to niche and inside jokes that you don’t understand. The board are the only ones that can post, so go to the link in our bio to keep up with kwak!

Just scan the QR code in the second picture!

Or join through this link:


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Tonight it is time for a kwak movie night again! We'll see you at 19:00 on zoom and make sure you download Netflix teleparty. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84866126968?pwd=bjFYNVZZdyt3ckZvcjI4TW5jOWprdz09

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