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Board 21/22

Hey You!

Do you want to have a remarkable year filled with fun activities? Do you want to discover your unique path to success? Do you want to help build a study association to its fullest potential? Are you open minded and willing to share your spirit and ideas with others?

Then don’t wait any longer and apply to be the next board of Kwakiutl!

You’ll be working together with your board members for a whole year organizing all kinds of events trips and other fun activities. With your board you’ll form a very close bond and you’ll even get to collaborate with other associations. Overall, you’ll make a lot of new connections and friendships. This next year will be a jubilee year which means there will be a lot of very exciting parties. Aside from all these amazing parties this year is a great year for expanding your network. You will form close ties within the UvA and you can obtain a study active certificate which is a certificate that shows your dedication to the study association and looks great on your resume! We are looking openminded creative people who want to make an impact in our university experience! Does this sound like just the thing you’ve been looking for, then don’t wait any longer, send a motivation letter and your resume to

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